petition for the S2 OITNB bloopers to be over 20 minutes long and for there to be at least 5 minutes of just Taylor Schilling laughing

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Taylor Schilling and Yael Stone attend Variety and Women in Film Emmy Nominee Celebration powered by Samsung Galaxy on August 23, 2014

are you sure this isn’t sarcastic? because idk i’m getting some sarcasm vibes from it.

I don’t know, yeah, maybe. That actually never crossed my mind. I can usually pick up on internet sarcasm though. If it is sarcastic then it’s fucking funny. But I can picture someone sincerely saying that about Alex because a lot of people don’t like her

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orange is the new black meme | 8 inmates

"i’m crazy. i’m a crazy person. there is something really wrong with me."

vygotskys replied to your photo:??????????/

I KNOW. I don’t know if they meant in a legal sense or in a being-a-general-person sense. But from what I’ve heard, carrying a bag of drug money over international boarders is quite a wrong thing to do. Also, leaving your significant other after their mum dies, probably not the best idea. (I know it was a “now or never” situation for Piper BUT STILL.) I love Piper but I would definitely not describe her as “never [having] done anything wrong”.

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love is not an excuse.”

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